Auksinė giria is a wellness centre in the middle of a beautiful pine forest. This location unites a variety of practices and activities dedicated to a healthier and more conscious way of life. We created an interactive brand system that reflects the uniqueness of it. Experiences at the Auksinė giria are divided into seven groups: nature, self recognition, discovery, togetherness, relaxation, special occasions and food. Each was allocated its own symbol, which all together become the basis of the brand identity. Using strict grid guidelines, the symbols form an individual logo. In this way a dynamic system was created with emphasis put on different experience every time a logo is used. The dominant symbol in the logo represents the main practice of the activity and unique experience set. In this way, all activities in the Auksinė Giria has their own independent signs. Every time a person comes to this resort, he can generate the logo which reflects his unique experience.